Center for Strategic Alliances:


The center has, as its main objective, to introduce a variety of academic initiatives and to share and complement existing academic programs with educational institutions, companies and specialized groups. The convergences are achieved by sharing resources, efforts and information.

Certificates of participation are given for the completion of the executive, continuing education and personal enrichment programs. The center places emphasis in the realization of strategic alliances with national and international institutions for the strengthening of its academic programs.

DESIGNalter Foundation
New and complementary horizons of knowledge

DESIGNalter, through its CSA, offers strategies and contemporary ways of educating and a constant search for new ways to share its portfolio of academic services. The result of such alliances and convergences becomes an efficient and fluid operation that generates prepared participants, through flexible and short pedagogic scenarios.

The center also becomes a worldwide academic program development consultation. A variety of academic products such as short term courses, advanced study programs, masters of science and compressed master programs are just a few of the initiatives that we can help create, reinforce or update in combination with your institution.