Center for Academic Programs: CAP

There are two modes of operation in the functional structure of DESIGNalter, one is on site and the other is through outreach. The first one takes place in Cartagena. The second travels and displays its academic programs and practical initiatives to regions, institutions and interested persons in and outside Colombia.

During the year, the foundation offers Conferences, Seminars, Forums and Thematic Encounters with the objective to provide a high level of awareness and knowledge about art, design, space and marketing as activities and ways of thinking about tangible and intangible heritage. At the center, the results of the academic activities are assimilated, organized and exposed to contribute and impact the community at large.

Professionals from different geographies and disciplines serve as guest speakers and design critics. The short term gatherings provide alternative perspectives and in depth understanding of the topics at hand. We are leaders in executive and continuing education and personal enrichment programs.


Personal Enrichment Programs through the International Applied Design Studio, IADS:

Art:Heritage, Culture and Technology

  • Painting: Art & Technology: Photographing history as a Design Instrument
  • Sculpture: Exterior Installations Engaging historic sites

Design: Heritage, Ethnic Design and Traditions

  • Furniture and Accessory Design for Interior Spaces
  • Urban Furniture Design: Articulating Historic and Contemporary Open Space
  • Contemporary Arts & Crafts Design: Inviting Ancestral Traditions

Space: Using the Past as a Stimulus to Present Aesthetics

  • Understanding Structures, Landscapes and Historic Interiors
  • Tourism and the Cultural Landscape
  • Art, Design and the Environment: A Creative Approach to Historic Landscapes

Marketing: Inducing Creativity to Corporate Thought

  • The Business behind Branding Historic Sites
  • Creativity, Business and Master Plan Concept Development

Pedagogy: Learning and Practice Scenarios Coexist

  • Interdisciplinary Education in Art, Design and Heritage
  • Art, Design and Heritage: Paths to Research
  • Criticism in Art & Design and community formation
  • Documenting to find Marketing Strategies

Potential clients throughout the world: Graduated high school and college students Pertinent professionals in related areas at a national and international level Individuals that have a marked interest of learning about our heritage oriented programs Tourism related institutions and interested persons.

Possibilities for participation: On site--Virtual--Mobil—Individual

Those with a wide range of knowledge about the contemporary notion of heritage adapt best to the world around them………… is in your hands to learn how to apply it to community understanding, rebuilding and making. DAF becomes an >Environment to understand said notion.