Cartagena and the DAF >Environment

The City, known for its diverse culture and ethnicities, is the gate to and from Latin America and the rest of the world, attracting a tremendous amount of foreign born people; it is a prominent worldwide cultural hub.

Participating in the learning programs of the foundation in a context such as Cartagena, you will find inspiration, relaxation, fun and friends in an energizing and supportive atmosphere that complements your creative explorations.


In addition to the initiatives in Colombia and abroad, the foundation supports research, learning, exposing, exchanging and exhibiting the outcomes of the foundations multiple programming.

By consolidating world-class academic programs based on the Latin American and worldwide historic preservation experience, the foundation pretends to attract participants and interested institutions from Latin American and the Caribbean to participate, so the foundation will help position Cartagena at the center of intellectual creativity and cultural exchange between the regions.

In the same way, Cartagena will serve as a platform to bring Latin American and Caribbean cultural heritage experiences to interested individuals and institutions to Cartagena and Latin America. This multiplicity of intentions is essential for the foundation to continue to build the academic and research programs that will prepare participants and improve their existing knowledge on thinking, enhance their skills on making and enrich their experience in the creation of innovative ways to understand and act on the diverse worldwide inventory of historic cultural heritage sites.

The DAF >Environment is about learning and making connections with friends and future clients and partners.