The Interdisciplinary Applied Design Studio: IADS:
The Experience



A branding strategy: The studio, as a pedagogically rich environment choreographs, a deeper richer experience for designers and other related and non related professions by creating memorable and tangible experiences.

Design is a key component in successful brand heritage rich environments. Without design that reflects core values and strategies, interdisciplinary design studios can forge critical connections, or worse, they can carry the wrong message. The best way to achieve positive results is to create a series of touch points. Every time a designer or IADS participant “touches a product” or service, he or she engages in a scripted and meaningful part of the overall story of our brand. Our touch points come in model-built form.

The applied studio has evolved into a cultural expression with impressive cross-disciplinary range-that has fostered a growing web of partnerships, friendships and ongoing projects among mentors and participants. By gathering current and past participants together for occasional meetings, events and performances, Designalter Foundation has spawned a worldwide artistic exchange.