The Heritage for Learning Project

The signature initiative focuses on the relationship between cultural landscapes and community formation. Ethnic landscapes, intangible heritage and cultural diversity are all analyzed in terms of authenticity, singularity and the power to be universal. This program is to be applied in any community that wishes to exhume, expose, exhibit and communicate its heritage with the purpose of using its intrinsic power to educate, transform and promote.

The traces associated with historic landscapes, sites and buildings, including their presence in time and space, are constantly replaced by analogies, metaphors and fantastic narratives. Sites contain their own presence as well as the absence of their presence. History is not continuous, for time is the true repository of space and the responsible of leaving a trace of history in contemporary community construction. With our academic and practical expertise, we pretend to exhume those layers of history that have the power to develop contemporary strategies and concepts that render visible their specific memories.

The past becomes a romantic contemporary invention

You are invited to learn alternative ways on how to leave a trace of history in your efforts for global community formation.